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I don't drive weekdays during the day unless it happens to surge where I am and I'm paying attention. Yesterday, I pounced on a 2.9x surge ride at noon. It was a shorty so I only made $10 but it only took me 10 minutes. most rides over 2x are worth it even if they go short, so you end up not needing to call and check where they are going (ACRO). I think about it like this, I was just hanging in the garden at home offline chillin anyway so I keep an eye on the map. Theres usually about 3-4 A-holes in my local zone rolling around all day online. as soon as those dopes take there 1x short rides a couple miles away my area will surge. so in that hour they got one, maybe 2 if they lucky, short rides for $6 total and were sitting waiting in there cars running AC or whatever for $6 an hour. Most likely they sat there waiting after the brief morning rush for the next rush at noon becasue they drove into my area from east county or wherever on their stupid grind schedule. They old people are notorious for this, they need a schedule and try and force it on a non-scheduled occupation. I'm chillin doing my thing at home and drop in at the only profitable time to drive in that hour and pull $10. or maybe I get zero, no big deal at least I wasn't grinding out $6 an hour wasting my time in my car all day.

THis way of driving is a full time deal though because you gotta be ready to pounce, but I prolly average only 25 hours online a week unless its super busy.
So you gotta be available full time to work part time if that makes sense, but you aren't really working half the time your just ready to drop in on a surge. You'll start to understand the ebb and flow of your area the more you do it.

If you really want to max your money and off time, live in an area that surges. don't be one of the idiots that commutes into a good area and has to sit in their car waiting. Those guys totally screw the other drivers that can wait for rushes and pounce on surge because they refuse to drive at standard rate. This is the only way uber will raise rates, when drivers refuse to drive at low rates and wait until it surges to a profitable level. Case in point:

The airport. Drivers WON they stopped driving Uber at SAN and switched to Lyft. Uber has been getting its ass kicked at the airport for months now and they finally gave in and surged it.

If your available and live near the concert, sure, why not be ready for a surge. If its a mile away driver over there at the time it lets out and wait offline until its over 2x I'd wait for 2.5x at least. but I wouldn't drive more than a few miles to work it specifically unless I want to be over there anyway. Your prolly only gonna get one decent ride unless its a shorty and you can get back to the surge fast enough. but hey you only drove a couple miles to get there and who knows you might get a $30 ride. or you make $10 and go home no big deal, that was better than $3.20 right.
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