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Top tipper

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So I have only done three top tipper rides so three for three 👍 Other than that maybe I will take fewer 5 star riders it will cut down on bi polar freaks also I already avoid a certain bar at Colfax and Emerson in Denver or anything within one block . Don't care about the policies of being accommodating.
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Stick to the metrics of time/distance always !!!
My thoughts exactly.

Earn more on the meters, including tips, than odometer miles driven for ridesharing purposes each day/week/month/year accordingly then your profitable.

Gross over $1750 per week if your trying to do this for a living.

Save .75 cents an odometer mile towards all costs, taxes and replacing vehicle fund.

Tips are a big part of income, in fact for me it's impossible to be sustainable without tips. Candy and bottled water (chilled if possible) works well.

If you can't make it work, it's not meant to be. Quit before you sink further into the hole you dug for yourself.

I just turned down a $179 reservation request. Why? Because it was over 30 minutes away and only paid .66 cents a mile.

Don't believe that "You'll get trips along the way" BS. Rarely happens.

Many drivers go bankrupt or get into an accident and can't buy another vehicle. Don't be that sucker. Follow the guidelines and you'll have big bucks in the bank in 5 years.
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