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Top tipper

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So I have only done three top tipper rides so three for three 馃憤 Other than that maybe I will take fewer 5 star riders it will cut down on bi polar freaks also I already avoid a certain bar at Colfax and Emerson in Denver or anything within one block . Don't care about the policies of being accommodating.
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Uber also uses the top tipper flag to trick you into picking up rides no one wants.

Beware 5.00 rated top tipper rides for obvious reasons. A 4.95 rated TT ride is probably plausible. Whereas a 5.00 rider with 2 or 4 rides on the books, one of which was tipped, is not.

IMHO having done 50+ of these, in my market about 2/3 have tipped me.

Do not let TT influence your decision to pick up a ride. Stick to the metrics of time/distance always !!!
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I had one today that was good for $10 tip on a $22 ride. First trip of the day too.......
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