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Took a part time job as a pizza delivery driver and already earning more than Uber

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Pretty sad because I only worked a 5 hour shift and used less than a quarter of a tank of gas. With Uber I would have had to be online for at least 12 hours and accepting every single ride that came my way and burn through at least a half a tank of gas to earn the same.
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Was speaking with an AutoZone employee the other day who delivers pizza on the side. He saw my Uber sign/sticker. Told me he works with a guy who ubers and delivers pizza. Said the pizza delivery beats the uber pay every week. Thinking about doing that myself. If the guy was telling me the truth it might be a lot less hassles. But don't know if you can set your hours with a pizza place like you can with uber???
Why don't we just all open up a Pizza store together. We make and bake the pies. We deliver the pies. We get to eat the pies. We also get to keep the profits. We could call the store Pizza Pie My Eye. At customers doors we sing our theme song.

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Uber Eats trying to rob people of that too !
I met a gentlemen who had worked at Swiss Chalet delivering dinners for 20 years. He built up the business and was looking after 3 stores and had 20 plus drivers. When he went to renew his contract last year he found out Uber was taking over his business and suddenly him and his drivers were out of business. He was bitter because he had even invested in his own app for his drivers. After laying off all his drivers he decided to retire earlier than he had planned. Interesting that he said he couldn't understand how Uber drivers could make any money with the new rates.
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