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Took a part time job as a pizza delivery driver and already earning more than Uber

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Pretty sad because I only worked a 5 hour shift and used less than a quarter of a tank of gas. With Uber I would have had to be online for at least 12 hours and accepting every single ride that came my way and burn through at least a half a tank of gas to earn the same.
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Its all fun and games until you get robbed.

Toobae, March madness is right around the corner, so don't think your earnings for march will be the same for every month. From the people I have known in the pizza industry, march madness is pure madness for pizza joints.
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If you work in a good area (which you want to for tips, anyway) your chances of robbery are pretty low. I've delivered pizza since 1998 and never been robbed. I've personally known of a handful since then, but literally 5 that I can think of. 2 were in the area of the crappy apartments S of the astrodome, and the store (Pizza Hut on Holcombe and Main) stopped delivering there at that point.

I think if I did Uber, even part time, for 20 years, a robbery would be inevitable. At least with pizza delivery you control where you work by only working in certain stores. That's not true of any of the apps, whether food or people.

Because labor is controlled, if it's slow there are less drivers scheduled. So if you're a good driver and employee it may be slow, but if you're one of only a few drivers you'll do ok even if the store is slow. If it's busy it can actually be a detriment as the managers will tend to overschedule and you can actually make LESS money. If it's crazy busy then you're ok, but quite often I do better when it's fairly slow because there aren't as many drivers scheduled.

Unlike uber, labor costs exist...
Actually, DoorDash shows you your entire route now at the including where you are dropping off at before you choose to accept the delivery or not. Good on them right? However, when you decline, it takes you to the next screen with your acceptance rating, stating that drivers with low acceptance ratings can be deactivated. (umm haven't they been paying attention to their rivals? *ahem*uber being required to change the policy deactivating drivers for a low acceptance rating).

Anyhow, the over scheduling is similar to uber right? When they think it will be busy, they schedule more drivers. Uber does the same with boosts and bringing drivers from other cities.
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