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If I have an EZ Pass and it ends up being used for Uber, does Uber reimburse? How does that work?
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They supposed to reimburse you, but always check your pay statement.
The tolls should be added to the fare at the end of the trip. Always check the trip. There's a separate line for tolls
So the tolls are added if you use a toll road or if it directs you to use a toll road? I mean let's say I am directed to take a toll road but the pax doesn't want to or vice versa....
Definitely check your statement. I believe it charges the pax based on the GPS tracking---not on the actual travel through the toll booth. I have had a number of tolls added to the pax's bill just because I got close to the toll. So if the system can misinterpret your location to inadvertently charge for a toll, logic would dictate that it could also make a similar mistake and not charge for one you actually paid.
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A significant number of tolls go unpaid or underpaid.

Each time you are directed to go through a toll, follow up from your statement and request the underpaid amount within 48 hours from uber. There is a place to report it directly from the trip log in the driver app. Select 'Need Help?' And then 'I had an issue with the fare' and then 'a toll was not processed'

Uber is good in paying it. But they will not fix it! The reason must be: so many drivers don't even ask for it that, correcting the occasional requests is cheaper for uber than actually fixing the software.

In Tampa Bay Area I have been reporting for the same tolls for a year now. If it was a ******ed person they would have learned how to fix it in such a long time. But uber has not yet fixed it. It is the driver income getting stolen, so it is not a priority for uber.

You must be tracking it like a pickpocket constantly stealing from you.
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