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Toll roads

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Toll roads aren't something we IE drivers generally have to deal with, but recently I've been getting trips to Orange County a lot and it's easy to end up on a toll road down there if your maps aren't set up to avoid tolls roads and you're not familiar with the area. In my case it was both.

If you find yourself on a toll-road don't panic, Uber will reimburse you for the toll and you can avoid a ticket.

To avoid a ticket:

1. Note where you entered and exited the toll road.
2. Go to thetollroads.com within 24 hours and pay for the toll to avoid getting a larger ticket.
3. Request reimbursement from Uber through the ride history in the app.

I set up an account with them so if I take the 73, 133, 241 or 261 I won't be ticketed I will just be charged the toll fee, which I can get back from Uber.

There is no charge for this type of account. No transponder required. So no transponder fees.

The absence of a transponder is why it is limited to the 73, 133, 241 and 261 toll roads. I guess they rely on the photos taken when entering those roads.

So don't sweat the OC toll roads. You're not going to get a ticket as long as you deal with it within 24 hours. My last toll was $3.31. If not dealt with it would've been $103.31.
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Funny how you write this now. I'll get to that in a second...

I've been through there a few times now, it's no big deal anymore but like most things the first time,... ugh. Usually it's from Riverside to UCI, Sometimes I'll ask if they want to use it. most say no, which is fine with me cause we have to pay it when we get home. However you do have 5 days to do so, use to be 48 hrs.. Hence the above, I got a violation notice today for $6.95 6/09, @ 8:02 and 8:11. Ok I remember now, I was so far into Lake Forest, tried, looking at the map to go all the way around and said screw it, dead headed home so it was on me. But forgot to pay it. I have until 7/21. I'll see if I can do this online.

Uber has always added it to the fare. You just have to double check and make sure the amount is right. I think I had to contact support once on that and they correct it right away.

Link >>> http://www.thetollroads.com/

ps, ah so that's way I haven't been getting any OC pings. :p J/K.. But truthfully, with the way last year went this time of,... I didn't expect any. This week is not over so hopefully.
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. Perhaps doing it within 24 hours simply prevents a citation from being mailed out..
Um no, It was on 6/09 and just got the notice in snail mail yesterday. So even though they give you 5 days it took them 3 weeks b4 I got it in the mail. And; about in the middle of the site page there is a yellow box to click on that says Violations, went there and paid it. So I'm all good now.

Also I think that maybe using the tolls rds. for the first time / s confuses uber until we straighten them out.
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