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$45 dollars a share and an 8 billion dollar deficit. Get ready to say goodbye to drivers....Luber is fascinating... Good article...No more cheap rides...LMFAO....


Uber loses money because they're idiots. Period.

If you sell a product for $100 (in this case, a ride), and your cost is $50 (average payout to driver), that leaves $50 to pay for the costs YOU incur.

Let's say the imputed cost of insurance for the ride is $5. The amortized cost of the app and engineers is probably 5 cents. And the cost of support is less than a penny obviously. That means Uber works on a 45% margin - great for any business.

They lose money because they're idiots. Plain and simple. And the flying cars don't help.

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I remember somewhere it was said the cost of insurance for LYft is $3 a ride, supposedly from the prospectus I remember ...

these companies lose money because their constantly investing in new tech without first generating a profit and yeah ride costs are too low in many cases with all the rider promos and giveaways..

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LOL i hope it sinks below $40 bucks for the first day..... Greedy LUBER......Hope investors take a bath.....

Market Summary > Uber Technologies Inc

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44.51 USD ‎12:50 PM

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Prev close45.00
52-wk high45.00

41.55 USD −3.45 (7.67%)
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After hours 41.47 −0.080 (0.19%)
Down almost 8 percent loser stock and they wanted the drivers to invest...Hope it burns to the ground.....

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The best thing to do with uber stock is to short sale it and make a killing in a few months
lol. I guess you short a lot, right?

I have a little challenge for you:
  • On Monday, short 10 shares of Uber.
  • Within 180 days, come back and tell us how that worked out for you.
    • That's six months -- more than "a few months" for you to "make a killing" -- plenty of time for you to show us what you got!
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