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TLC licence, will i get denied ? please helppppp !!!!

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I applied for my Tlc license as of june 27,2016, i had my dmv licence revoked on november 24,2014. I also have a open case for smoking weed in the past which i have a court date for august 7th ,but its nothing serious, considering i was not convicted of a DUI, but refused a chemical test my DMV license was revoked for a year starting from nov 24 2014. I have 0 points on my license, no accidents, completed most of the tlc process , only thing left is WAV course and Test which is friday july 15th. Really nervous that i will get denied and would have spent close to $700 for no reason... any thoughts? helpp please!!!
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They will throw our your case for weed most likely. The state has been mandated to stop wasting time with weed unless it's alot of it and being sold and trafficked. Good luck.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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