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Will i get approved?

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TLC licence, will i get denied ? please helppppp !!!!

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I applied for my Tlc license as of june 27,2016, i had my dmv licence revoked on november 24,2014. I also have a open case for smoking weed in the past which i have a court date for august 7th ,but its nothing serious, considering i was not convicted of a DUI, but refused a chemical test my DMV license was revoked for a year starting from nov 24 2014. I have 0 points on my license, no accidents, completed most of the tlc process , only thing left is WAV course and Test which is friday july 15th. Really nervous that i will get denied and would have spent close to $700 for no reason... any thoughts? helpp please!!!
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And definitely stay away from driving uber eats after smoking.
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