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Tips for a spooktacular Halloween

Hear from fellow drivers on how they prepare for a Hallowinning weekend.

When to call your rider
"Usually after two minutes I call if they don't show up."
- Erik, Chicago

When driving in busy or loud areas, communicating directly with riders can help coordinate the pickup.

How to go the extra mile
"It helps to have water in your car and open the door for riders"
- David, San Francisco

Keeping amenities in the car for riders can be a great way to create a comfortable experience.

Feel free to have some fun
"I wore a pirate hat while driving which caused a few laughs."
- Mide, Boston

Getting in the spirit with a Halloween costume or a playlist can keep you and your riders entertained.

This is ridiculous

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I thought this was a technology company that just matched drivers with passengers and processed the fares. I'm an independent contractor aren't I (judging by my medical insurance policy)? I doubt Uber would want all of us to give THEM suggestions every holiday. As long as we aren't being complained about by pax on a regular basis, they can keep their suggestions like they keep our fares through "up front" pricing".
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