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Tips and ratings

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A PAX got into my car and told me right off that she always gives her drivers a five unless they are rude in which case she still gives them three. I assumed she was talking about tips so I complimented her generosity which only encouraged her stories about bad Uber drivers. One driver yelled at her for slamming the door when she got in. She asked another driver with a heavy accent if he was Russian. He testily responded, No, are you? I changed the topic and we got to recollecting happy memories from college. Lots of laughs all around. She was clearly enjoying the ride.

When she didn't leave a tip, I realized she was talking about ratings.

I posted this comment for two reasons:

1. This was the first PAX in my car to talk about rating drivers.

2. This PAX was in her sixties which proves once again in my experience that Uber's no gratuity model is embraced by all PAX regardless of age, gender, race or class.
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Like I said before, I almost always tell the pax, "awesome ride! 5 stars for you!" even if they weren't the best behaved. I also click the 5 stars as they're getting out. If I didn't mean it at all, I wait till they're all out, and change the rating before going back online. My rating has actually really gone up since I discovered that trick. Hey, if uber can lie to us, we can tell a little fib to our pax to keep things in our favor...
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I won't hesitate to kick out an unruly pax, but at 2.50/mi with XL, it's profitable to actually complete the trip.
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