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I know that overall us drivers get carried in One Direction or another by the tidal movements of people during commute times Etc.

However I have noticed that as a general rule, if I'm located between a good and a bad area Uber tends to take me towards better neighborhoods and left tends to take me towards worst neighborhoods.

This is a rule for which there are exceptions, but I'm talking about the majority of times. People on the lower end of the economic spectrum seem to prefer Lyft for obvious reasons.

So there are certain locations and times of day where I will leave the Lyft app off or use a destination mode to avoid getting pulled into the less desirable areas.

It seems like once you get into a good area you tend to stay there or go to other good areas. Few people from Ridgewood go to Paterson unless the maid is going home. So once you're securely into a good area you can go ahead and turn left on but even then there's a much better chance that you'll get the maid going home rather than the well-to-do couple going out for dinner or going to the airport.
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