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Nice ride. I remember a lot of cars in WWD that day. It didn't surge IIRC either. Did you bring somebody down to the event as well?
I did a Lavalette to Atlantic City Airport earlier. Yes there was almost no surge, probably 10 Uber cars on the island, except for this event Wildwood was deserted as is typical on a cold January day.

Some driver took this group from Long Branch to Wildwood earlier that day. Three cute young ladies, Monmouth University students, who managed to get into the event despite arriving way later than most people who got in.

I got three 45+ plus pings. The first two couldn't find me, didn't know the street layout in Wildwood, couldn't follow instructions to walk two blocks west. I had a legal parking spot and wasn't losing it until there was a passenger in my car. You couldn't drive close to the event and you couldn't stop anywhere.
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