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Three drunk pax.

During the ride, they are all trying to get a rise out of me - unsuccessfully. The conversation turns to hunting and guns. At the end of the ride, one of the pax asks if I’m carrying. I don’t answer.

The pax directly behind me says, “I have a pistol” and proceeds to dig his two fingers into my neck for 3-4 seconds. (I didn’t know for sure that it was his fingers until I reviewed the dash cam footage).

Incident reported to Uber support. Rider’s account is suspended. Support wants to see the dash cam footage.
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I still may call the police. It's at least an assault.

This occurred close to the 0200 hour, and I didn't want to lose money by getting stuck for several hours waiting for (and giving a statement to) the PD.

I also wanted a chance to review the dash cam footage to make sure that I remembered it correctly.
If it ever happens again I'd call police ASAP. Within seconds.
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If it had been an actual gun, I'd agree.

For the few seconds that the fingers were in my neck, I didn't know what he was pointing at me - and it was frightening. His demeanor and movements afterward made me 90% sure that it was not a gun.

I doubt that a simple assault report (not in progress, no confirmed weapon) have been a high priority for the PD at/near bar closing.
It might make those punks skedaddle fast.
Put your hands on me and watch them get broke .
There lucky they got you for there driver and not me .
I used to repo detroit i was taught not to put up with shit.
if somebody touches you call the police. What you went through i am sorry .
Point is dont stress it to much these idiots will run into the wrong person sooner or later karma will kick in and they will get what they deserve .
Strongly agree. Those punks will get theirs at some point. "What goes around, comes around".
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