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Three drunk pax.

During the ride, they are all trying to get a rise out of me - unsuccessfully. The conversation turns to hunting and guns. At the end of the ride, one of the pax asks if I’m carrying. I don’t answer.

The pax directly behind me says, “I have a pistol” and proceeds to dig his two fingers into my neck for 3-4 seconds. (I didn’t know for sure that it was his fingers until I reviewed the dash cam footage).

Incident reported to Uber support. Rider’s account is suspended. Support wants to see the dash cam footage.
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I would have called the police. Uber support isn't going to help you, they'll be taking rides again tomorrow
I still may call the police. It's at least an assault.

This occurred close to the 0200 hour, and I didn't want to lose money by getting stuck for several hours waiting for (and giving a statement to) the PD.

I also wanted a chance to review the dash cam footage to make sure that I remembered it correctly.
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Call the police.
If this guy did this to you, he's done and will do other crimes.
Thanks. PD called. Waiting for a call back from an officer.
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If it ever happens again I'd call police ASAP. Within seconds.
If it had been an actual gun, I'd agree.

For the few seconds that the fingers were in my neck, I didn't know what he was pointing at me - and it was frightening. His demeanor and movements afterward made me 90% sure that it was not a gun.

I doubt that a simple assault report (not in progress, no confirmed weapon) have been a high priority for the PD at/near bar closing.
There are 5 signs on my car... Three outside, 2 inside... They are yellow and black. They say:

Audio & Video Recording
May Be In Progress
Inside This Vehicle
This is literally the definition of assault... why are you waiting
Read the rest of the thread
You cannot tell the difference between two fingers with nails at 98.6 degrees and a cold metal gun barrel in your neck ?
I don't often have guns pointed at my neck. Plus, I had a collar. Thanks for the thought though.
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