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How do you do this?? I would assume someone would only want to do this on long trips but how do you even start this conversation? 🤔
The only time I did it, was legal.
A return trip fee.

The screen said "Long trip" but I accepted the trip anyway.

"What's your name, please?"
"Dorothy" she responded with a smile. "Hope you don't mind if my little dog Toto comes along ..."
"Not at all, I love dogs. I see we're going to Emerald City, by way of The Yellow Brick Road. That's quite a trip. About two hours one way ... about a hundred miles."
"Is that a problem?" she asked.
"Nope. But I do require a fifty cent return trip fee. It pays for some of the gas, wear on the car and my body to get back here. I'll never get a ride out of Emerald City."
Let her think about this for a second, then say "I need that $50 in cash, before we leave town. Do we need to go to an ATM?"
"Oh, I can't just make it a tip?"
I smiled, "You know, some people actually lie to me about that - and don't follow through on their promise. I'm afraid we need that in cash before we leave town. It's company policy. And, listen, if you don't want to you do not have to do this. You can cancel the ride and I'll see to it you don't get charged -- and you can try another driver. Besides that - it's NOT a tip. It is a fee for service. A tip should be added on top of that."

About 80% accept. About 20% are pedestrians.

Now, I would negotiate, I might go down to $40 on that ride ... once a guy looked at my gas guage and asked if a fill up would do the trick. It worked just fine - we went to a service station and he charged a tank of gas. Deal.

I'd rather not work - than work to break even, or worse.

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