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Those kids serving up your lunch are making more than you!

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There's a major labor shortage in Minnesota http://m.startribune.com/state-manufacturers-profits-soar-but-labor-shortage-looms/482969171/ and yet here you are making less than minimum wage.
All for the flexibility of working when you desire.
You put in odd hours and call it "convenient". You ruin you car and call it "my office". You spend your earnings on fuel and call it "expenses". You deal with rude people and call it "normal".
You take it out on their ratings and it has zero effect.
A study has revealed drivers make LESS than minimum wage http://m.startribune.com/study-puts-uber-drivers-pay-at-9-21-per-hour/482986991/ so everyone you encounter all day makes more than you!
That kid you took to LeAnn Chins makes $12 and hour. That bartender on average made $21+ and didn't have to beat up their car, buy insurance or worry about wear and tear because they summoned you on a app and put all those burdens on YOU!
Then you have to deal with traffic, breathing in exhaust fumes, jaywalkers, bikers, animals, police, or an accident with probable insurance fraud to avoid Lyft's/Uber's extremely high deductible.
Gas keeps going up and up, you keep making less and less. Traffic pays you PENNIES for your time.
Eventually comes d-day. The day you realize you haven't saved anything. Nothing to replace your car in order to continue this "ride-sharing" SCAM!
What do you say to yourself that convinces you to stay in this game? A study in 2016 found 96% of drivers don't last a year. With 180 degrees of change things were supposed to improve for drivers. They added tipping and better wait/pay times yet a new study finds now its even worse! For 2017 97% of drivers don't last a year https://www.theinformation.com/articles/how-uber-will-combat-rising-driver-churn
How are you the 3% that thinks your better than the rest? How can 97% of drivers that don't last a year be wrong? Are you smarter than the 97% that quit?
Are you so special that you've figured out how to make a living, profit, cover vehicle parts, vehicle replacement and pay for personal healthcare for you and perhaps other family members?

Uber has backtracked on everything they promised. They are taking more from the trip and driver payout is has become less and less. So next time you have that feeling that this is a dead-end job and want to find something better. Pullover and ask yourself. Am I worth it? Is THIS worth it? WHAT'S MY WORTH?
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$320 + $42 cash tips for about 13 hours of work Sat and Sun night this weekend. I probably could have hit $450 if I wouldn't have gotten home so late from work and life on Friday night and said screw it and stayed home.
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