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Your right on 97 percent of what you're saying. However, I am one of those drivers who does just fine . Starting my third year, and while ubering can be frustrating. So can any other job.

Income 54K first year, 51K second year. I pay no taxes with all the deductions. Being married brings down our combined taxes. This year I plan on gross income of around 55K.

I have never had a bad ride or customer. I don't pickup after 10:30 pm on fri, and sat night's in Minneapolis. I don't wait at the airport for a ride. Why anyone would go wait in a queue, is beyond me. I live in the north metro. I start my day in the north and seldom cross over South of mpls. I go as far north as forest lake. I can work 8 hours and 90 percent of the time, my pings keep me in the north. I don't do rush hour in downtown mpls. I make around 3 trips to the airport by 10:30 am. I don't get alot of tips in cash. Each week I make about $120 in combined tips.

I drive on 4 platform's. X, XL, SUV, SELECT. It helps to be on 4 platform's. On busy days. I can go 8 to 10 hours, and never wait for my next ride. Before I drop off my current customer I'll get a ping for my next ride. I only do uber

I get around 19 miles to the gallon. My SUV is cleaned in and out everday.. I have great conversations with riders. I open and close doors. I never say no to a request to stop on the way home.

I average $27 to $39 a hour. Before expenses.

I know where and when to be in a particular area . I don't ever chase surge.
I take almost every long distance pickup. Scheduled rides I take. If a ride takes me away from my area. I turn off my app, hightail it back to the nort.
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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