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This is true, all 6 people who I refer to drive have stop. One even went back to working at walmart. It's not for everyone. With that say I'm lucky enought to be in the 3%. I started way back and I make more now then I did before. Now people would ask how do I make more now then before considering the rate drop. If you have to ask then you are the 97%. I only do 90% rideshare and 10% of other self employ gig. I don't even work fulltime. My hours are all over the place. Sometimes I just randomly take a week off. Maybe only work 1 or 2 days. Only self employ allow this.

This only work since I don't live paycheck to paycheck. I'm not being cheap either, I drive a new 2018 car that is pay in full. Since I drive for work. I want to get a car that I like and comfortable to drive in. Knowing your fiance and how to budget is the key. Always have a plan. I know people who make more then me. But they can't even buy a new tv without using a credit card.
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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