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Channel8 New Orleans news has just reported an Uber driver was a contestant in todays round of " How many stories of scaffolding can my car support"
The answer for today is 7.
Unknown at this time if any passengers were involved.
James River Never saw this one coming.
Must have seemed like the end of the world for the 2 people reported in seperate cars upon which the scaffold toppled.A passing vehicle was also struck and pinned down.

Anyone see this ?
Know the driver?
Pictures ?

This article claims 2 people walked away unharmed.
Channel 8 reported ambulance rides.

My neck hurts just from looking at this.
Morris Bart ?1-800-sue-noww

Power was also severed to the street car line nearby.
Luckily no pedestrians were killed.

A man trapped in his car waiting for his wife called her and told her not to rush out. He had just purchased the new car a month ago . . .


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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