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This is what my rider asked

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Why is so hard to to get a uber ride during the day and I used to be able to get ride in evening for work in 3 min. Now it's 7 to 10 or more....So this is how i explained my my view..Most drivers don't do this full time because even at there highest rates it doesn't pay to drive all day..Now that uber cuts prices most drivers don't risk the wear and tear. It's just not worth it..so now that uber has cut prices again the last string of drivers has either opt. out. Or reduced there driving to few days a week and rush hour only...and since there no more surges many drivers don't bother driving at all..the bottom line is that as many drivers as uber hires the same retire...soon you will back to calling a cab because drivers won't come get you if your 10 miles out..
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