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It's happening more and more often now. People ordering to a destination that they aren't even at yet. There is a college kid that does this every Tuesday and Thursday in my area. I've delivered to him over 20 times and every time he is coming home from work at a car dealership. I only know he works there cuz he has ordered to that dealership a few times as well and he wears a Jeep shirt all the time.

He must order as his shift is close to ending and then tries to time it to get home right as the food is being delivered. However, since I only take pings 8 minutes or less away, I always arrive at his complex well before he is home. After this happened a few times, I tried educating him and told him just make the order from his car right before he leaves work that way he'll always arrive before the food. He has gotten better about it but I still arrive 4-6 minutes before he does. He doesn't ever want the food left on the porch which I get because it's a 24 unit complex with people going in and out to smoke often. When he knows I've waited a few minutes he always tips $2 but if he's already there or arrives home as you get there he never tips.

Last night he said both times last week his driver marked a no show and cancel and I told him I'm going to start doing that to him too. He doesn't understand how annoying it is for drivers to wait there. Other hotel people do this constantly but at least you can leave it at the front desk and leave right away.

3 orders from this past weekend also did this. One family had a large order and when I got to their house they called and said they were taking an uber back from the city and wouldn't be home for another 30 minutes. They called their next door neighbor and told me to give it to them so I could move on. Why don't they just f'ing wait until they get home first, It's not that hard to wait 15 minutes for the food after you are already home.
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