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My best friend's sister works in New York and makes over $150k a year. Her boyfriend makes about 80k.
They both live in Jersey. She was putting me and her brother down all day for being cheap.
She has almost no savings because she loves fine dining, clothing, shoes, etc.
At the restaurant, I asked the table if tips to the waitresses should be pre tax. She said, no it should always be at least 25% of the POST tax total. She used to be a waitresses.
I disagreed, but still gave the waitresses a 25% of post tax total tip because she was getting on my case about being cheap.
I asked her how much she tipped her uber drivers. She said she's never tipped them even though she uses it a lot and all tupes of Uber. I told her that many of them make less than minimum wage after expenses.
She rolled her eyes like I was making it up and she said that you're not supposed to tip your uber driver just like you're not supposed to tip your mail man. BTW, she gave the taxi driver a big tip on the way back from the bar that night.
Even if you are getting tips sometimes, expect that to become rarer and rarer and then go away completely.
Whenever the subject of driver income comes up in my car (and it does a lot), I suggest that the passenger enroll as an UberX driver just to see how bogus the whole process is. I don't give them a referral code because I know that more drivers dilute my income more than the bonus is worth. Besides, most passengers aren't interested in driving but they might be willing to sit in front of their computer for about 20 minutes and see what happens.
In Chicago at least, UberX no longer requires photos of the car. PASSENGERS TEND TO FREAK OUT WHEN THEY HEAR THIS. The potential for identity fraud has also proved to be of some interest when the subject arises.
1 - 1 of 40 Posts
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