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Look, I don't want to chime in here like an asshole, but I don't need anybody telling folks to tip me because I earn minimum wage- or tip the driver because he earns minimum wage- that's not the freaking point. I know that in other industries, aka waitresses, wages are deliberately set at a reduced rate & that the owners of the restaurants expect that the public will subsidize the waitresses wages- But this is not my deal-I'm not looking for a freaking hand out because I my wages are poor I earn $20/$30 per hour- however, I believe that in our American culture, tipping is a fundamental part of service work -Like it or not- this is culture that we created. I just believe that if they are tipping the damn cab drivers, and the doormen, and the Starbucks folks, and the hostesses, and the maids, that we, who By design provide superior service, are also entitled to the opportunity to earn a tip. I don't expect a tip, but if you tip those other folks, who earn "at least" minimum wage as a matter of law, then you should be tipping me because I just gave you the best damn service in the industry. Period! By the way, if you ask me how my days going, I'll tell ya, it's been pretty slow today, but the Tips Are Great! How bout you, how's your day goin? Tag your it!
1 - 1 of 40 Posts
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