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Warning to all ride share drivers. I am a driver of over a 1000 rides. I have noticed a trend. Anytime I "act up" according to Lyft, which means having a low cancellation percentage, cancelling a few rides due to safety concerns or the system automatically choosing another passenger for me after I accepted a ride going to pax and doing other things. I notice Lyft puts me offline. I check the Lyft pax app and I don't see my car there. Then I start to notice something fishy. On some days I can have 15 to 20 rides and more than half will tip. On other days where I sense I picked up tipable paxs I can have none. I know many drivers complained about paxs saying they would tip n never do. Well yesterday I pick up a old friend of mine. He said he would tip. I know this man for over 10 years..he is not a liar. Wake up today no tip. Call him and explain to him I suspect Lyft is taking my tips and I want to make sure, he sends me the mail
It's a damn 6 dollar too. Guess what...... Nothing. I suspect they are indeed stealing it. This confirms.
I know for a fact that Lyft steals tip money. I have actually inputted the tip amount for several passengers who were confused about how to use the app. One was 25 dollars of which I only saw 20 and another tip for 10 dollars where I only saw 7 dollars and some change. Lyft is stealing tip money it's not even debatable, it's a fact.
1 - 1 of 48 Posts