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Thinking of panhandling for rent money

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Wasn't able to make my car payment, and just able to make my car insurance because of my mom's help, but rent is due tomorrow and Uber definitely isn't paying the bills.

I'm a senior in college and left my job at Starbucks to start searching for career opportunities that are more toward my field of study. I thought Uber would help me through my senior year, but I'm struggling bad(And before you ask, yes I already tried going back to Starbucks).

I live in Los Angeles, so I'm just thinking of making a sign(truthful one-need $625 for rent), finding a busy intersection and seeing if it pays off more than uber.

What do you guys think? Also what legal aspects should I know? It's not illegal, right?

My pride is already gone, so I figure I have nothing to lose.
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This experience with Uber could become more valuable to you then any Quantum Physics course you take. Partnering up with (contracting for) Uber will teach you everything in business not to do.
Very true. Although because I have good morals, I never would conduct business the way Uber does anyway.
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