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I'm thinking of moving to Denver in the next few months. It seems to be more or less comparable to the Atlanta market. I've been looking over their forum page to get some ideas of how I would do there.
Moved from Denver about 9 months ago due to family issues. Would not be in Atlanta otherwise.


Tips are much better and more common where as Atlanta is "cheapest" city I've ever been in on that account, Denver is very good as in most people (say 80%) tip cash.

Very easy city to get around in, as in a very well organised grid extentding to all the suburbs, streets don't change names for no reason and organized in ways easy to remember. For example, going west from Broadway (000 on the east/west access of the grid) the first 24 streets west are Acoma through Zuni, all in alphabetical order, all named after Indian tribes. I used gps about 10% of the time there where I use it 95+ here.

The sports/concert venues are better organised.

Long trips, as in Denver is kinda an "Island" population wise so you end up with 300 mile trips about twice a year and 50-100 mile trips about once a month. I was a cab driver in college (10+ years pre uber) and once drove from DIA to Custer, SD.

People are genuinely friendlier IMHO. Less race/class consiousness, if that matters to you, as in people are less likely to pre judge you and make assumptions about you based on your skin color/whatever.

Legal Pot-- I do not use. But the culture/pot tourism brings in a lot of business.


Cabs companies are better organized/potent and have a greater part of the market share, as in about 50% versus 20-30 percent here. Alos they are not looked down upon as much, so a driver waiting for an Uber might jump in a Cab if they are in a hurry.

Cost of living is going is higher than Atlanta and the population is booming. Some of that will change as more states legalise.
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