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Driving for Uber can pay, but only if you know the ways to make it do so.

First, since Uber accepts pretty much anyone, go in knowing that the driver side of the business is incredibly saturated. There will be times when you drive around in circles for an hour or more without making a single dollar. The claims of 500 to $1,000 a week may have been true early on but personally I have only made about $500 in 3 months. I recommend using the customer app and looking at how many Uber drivers are in each area. There are a lot.

If you are planning on driving for Uber, don't buy a car specifically for it because you will not make your payments with it. I bought a brand new car with the expectation that I would use Uber to double up on car payments but that has not happened at all.

There is a lot of talk about surge pricing but I have found that even if you are driving around in a high surge area that you still won't get a fair most of the time. I haven't even seen a surge over 1.2x in weeks.

There will be many times where you have to drive several miles and wait up to 5 minutes for a really short fair that pays out less than $3. Keep in mind that while driving those several miles you are not on Uber Insurance. You are on your own insurance. Most insurance does not cover driving for Uber.

Uber uses a 5 star rating system for both drivers and customers. Generally you will get 5 stars. But if you get too many 4 star ratings which happen without any sort of explanation or corrective action, you will lose access to the Uber app in most states.

Also take note that Uber uses at least three different websites and apps which all have very important information such as how to drop and pickup at airports. Have a question? Too bad. Uber is not there to answer your questions. If you manage to find the support email address (they don't post it anywhere) then you will only get an automated reply based on keywords in your email.

On the flip side, it is possible to make money. I have had many 25 and $30 hours. These usually occur when I get a Crosstown airport run with lots of highway miles and little or no traffic. Sitting in traffic is bad because there is only a $0.20 per minute charge before Uber takes out their sizable cut.

If you go in to Ubering with a realistic set of goals, you can make a little walking around cash and meet some (usually) nice people.
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