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I did my first trip to LaGuardia the other day, and I think it'll be my last. Most of the fares are borderline minimum fare after the toll, but namely it's the time spent. It was during morning rush hour, and on the way back I had to eat a $5 toll through the Midtown Tunnel. I-280 east had a delay that only got worse and worse the longer I was in it. I left the airport around 8 AM, but didn't get back home until around 10 AM, that's crazy.

My first NYC trip around Christmas left me with nearly an hour of traffic to and in the Holland, despite being only a few miles away from it.

Then you have the regular Manhattan trips. $8-10 average, and at least half of that is the extra taken from the toll. If it's anywhere else in NJ it's usually not a bad time, but Hoboken and Jersey City pax seem to forget about the Line and therefore need to head to Manhattan the only other way they know. Even worse if it's further out. Brooklyn and Bronx trips take up most of the night.

Uber needs to provide some sort of upcharge for people going to NYC, because clearly it's not expensive enough for them to reconsider a cheaper method.
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