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I got a ping from one of the islands in the Puget Sound. Looking closer, I see that island is one that does not have a bridge nor is there ferry service until five hours later. I pressed "accept" for laughs. Here is what ensued over text-messaging:

Me: Are you on $name Island?

Pax: Yes.

Me: There's no ferry until 6am.

Pax: I would leave the house around 5:30, making sure I was in line, only takes about 20 cars each trip.

Me: That's five hours from now.

Pax: to true

Me: The best I can suggest is to take the ferry in the morning and book an Uber then.

Pax: What?

Me: Nobody can get to $name Island to pick you up.

Pax: true, book an Uber to where?

Pax: If you catch the bus from SeaTac to $city we weill be there to pick you up, we lv $name tomorrow for the second bnb

Me: What are you talking about? I drive people around. I can't get to $name Island to pick you up.

At this point I determined no more comedy could be had and so I canceled the trip.

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You don't do UberSub?

Ok, now I can't get a tune out of my head,
"We all live in a Yellow Submarine,
a Yellow Submarine ..."

Seriously tho, I would have waited the five minutes and collect the $5.
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