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Why do you act like the algorithm is some crazy thing? It's a simple variation of the Stable marriage problem. You use a modified Gale-Shapley to perform the matching.

This is a literal entry level cs graduate algorithms course.

The algorithm goes through various of markers, (Your acceptance rate, cancellation rate, your distance to x, when was your last ride, do you owe money? (IE fuel card, they will tend to give you "longer" trips) etc to match you with a pax.

Note: I'm a senior software dev, it's not rocket science to make a matching algorithm.

The surge is bullshit though,

This morning I did a quick ride to the train station before work. 1.5x surge, I drove the longest possible way, and uber still made 6$ more.

They quote pax a larger surge and pay the driver less. It's not even about "time traveled" any longer, unless you really go out of the way.

Thank you for this..
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