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Can a win win solution be found together with Uber ?

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Remember , your employer wants you to quit your job if you do not like it. They will not make the necessary corrections to keep you and other in the job because they can get enough people to hire and fire all day long. Your employer hates trade unions because trade unions discourages mass resignation and encourage corrective measure. These companies are privatized fascist entities.

No one wants to complain just for the sake of complaining. There would be no complain against Uber if ,
  • Destination is clearly visible to drivers before accepting the ride requests.
  • No retaliation against the drivers if drivers decline a ride request.
  • No arbitrary rate cuts
  • Rates should be profitable by at least 30% after substracting IRS mileage and Uber commissions.
  • Each individual pool ride revenues are shared with drivers instead of only mileage.
  • Match the minimum fare to the state minimum wage. If the state minimum wage is $8 / H , the minimum fare should be $8 too.
  • Let the passengers decide if they want to accept a lower rated driver instead of deactivating the drivers' account.
  • Do not retaliate against the drivers if a passenger receives low rating.
  • Ban bad behaved or biohazard passengers.
Introduce stricter vehicle inspections and background checks so that junk drivers are eliminated. Do not let the 'mentally challenged' people to drive for the platform to ensure safety.

Do not practice fascism with your drivers as history suggests that fascists do not last long and they face tragic downfall. Thank you.
Sounds like you guys wanna become taxi drivers lol
FYI you are already taxi drivers you just get payed way less and use your own car which makes no sense lmao
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