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The great shame of all this distrust amongst drivers, is that ridesharing is a brilliant 21st century concept, it's just that Uber have applied 19th / 20th century employer attitudes to their drivers.

It is actually very similar to the majority of mining companies - where the employee is treated like an idiot child, with no respect, hidden beneath a thin veneer of care. And really, Uber's absolute insistence, on no person to person contact and reliance on bland data driven text responses, is no different from say dealing with a telco or a government department.

Just watch and listen to a politician avoiding answering questions, or reacting as say Colin Barnett - getting angry and confrontational if questioned. The sad reality is Uber treats drivers exactly as most other businesses and large employers do.

Collectively, we hate it, but we're powerless to do anything. Question a public servant or demand an answer, or respect and you know very well you're going to the back of the queue. Question an employer and there goes your job, or at the very least, and opportunity of advancement.

So it's important not to single out Uber as being any different to most large companies - they simply do not see any value in you or I as an individual.

Everyone on this forum understands that two things would make the job viable - a 15% increase in fare structure and payment of the GST by Uber. The only other need would be genuine respect for the drivers.

Now it's not going to happen, but how interesting would it be to see Richard Branson, open up a Virgin Rideshare business, applying the business and moral principles he so strongly insists on. He could cherry pick the best drivers and vehicles and he has no need to build a brand, Virgin is trusted across the world. Finally, in defense of Uber office staff, from many years experience in the corporate world, I have no doubt those people directly employed by Uber, at Subiaco, or any other office, are just as badly treated as drivers are - they simply reflect the culture of the company.
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