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The threat of contracting Coronavirus

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Has anyone given any thought to limiting or even holding off on rideshare driving, considering the widespread and quickly moving virus? I've been watching CNN, and it looks like this thing is becoming unstoppable and pretty scary. I'm 67 and have seen a lot of sh!t, but I've never seen anything that looks like this. I may be thinking a little over cautiously about this, but still ...
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WHEN did I say that I am too old to drive for any rideshare?? Your reading comprehension hasn't seemed to improve in the slightest.
No on says you said anything of any significance. The number published is just as true to the fact as publisher wished. You, weren't included in the study, and the study wasn't applicable to you as a patient or not.
I think you've done waaaay too much crack.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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