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The public would be happy to see Uber go...

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...but they're like a bad smell that won't go away!
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...but they're like a bad smell that won't go away!
I'm not sure if you're really serious about this thread or just trolling :D
You post a video of some youtube reporter asking a Black cab driver of all people! about Uber!
And you think his opinion represents commuting Londoners ? :D
So the views of the twelve other people in the video didn't matter?
You're a prize plonker just like the 3 females at the end who would rather spend money on a girlies day out shopping and dining than getting their kids home safely.
"We can track our kids on their way home".
If they make it!
The reporter asks a specific group of people (who are highly unlikely to ever use Uber )
I'm not surprised at the result :D
I think the 850,000+ petition is a bit more conclusive of what the average Londoner thinks about Uber. ;)
Proven to be fake therefore holds no credibility whatsoever.
The 18-30 year olds love you for all the wrong reasons and not for any other reason than you are cheap as chips.
You're just their personal slave at a touch of a button.
Again slave is defined as somebody that is forced to work against their will
I work when i like, therefore i cannot be a slave.

Are you still sniffing around Betty's draws ?
Dude, there's not even any guarantee that Betty is even female!
You could be in for a BIG shock! :D
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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