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I frequently get asked from drivers if I accept Uber poor or express pool. In my opinion, this two features are setup for Uber to milk more money by taking advantage of drivers. I personally decline 9/10 Uber pool/express pool requests.

There is only one circumstance I PRIORITIZE Uber pool over Uber x (I know I sound crazy lol hear me out )

When there is a huge surge (>15$) I intentionally decline Uber x requests so I can take on pool rides. Reason why is, once you take one pax on Uber pool say surging 15$, every additional pax will give you you like 7$. Usually you get to add at least two riders during those busy hours since multiple people will be requesting shared rides to save money.

Keep in mind, say you are filled with 4 pax in an Uber pool ride, once you drop a passenger, the system can still give you a new one. So technically speaking you might end up giving rides for more than 4 pax by the end of your trip. The surge could be over but you might find yourself adding one rider after another while milking that surge rate.

I hope this helps fellow drivers?
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