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The Most Dumb Response by Uber

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There are very good Uber Support but sometimes no wonder why Uber losing money as they pay money for those dumb customer service.

Due to the Uber Server Lack or Down, I recently had a Missing Trip - Trip Info was totally gone after complete the trip so no payment. So I sent an email to Uber Support and here's their response.


Thanks for reaching out! In order for us to help you, we will need the Trip ID for the trip that you're asking about.

To find the Trip ID, please go to your online dashboard athttp://partners.uber.com and click "Trips" on the left-hand side.

Click on the correct trip from the list, and the ID will be at the top of the page. Once you have that, just let me know and I'll go from there.


Rijohan Rijohan
If I was able to find the trip info, that wouldn't be a Missing Trip!

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