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Nah, the porn industry stole it from hollywood. Since then, the meaning has been widely co-opted to that. The posts above show how thoroughly it's been stolen by the porn industry.

Several dictionaries say:
  1. (in a pornographic film) a scene in a pornographic movie in which an actor ejaculates.
  2. a crucial or climactic moment, especially of a movie.
    "and now for the money shot: the Titanic shearing in half in the middle of a freezing ocean"
Well, I think this tells more about you and your choice of idle time veiwing than anything. Not everyone watched porn as their number one leisure activity.

It's an old phrase that predates internet and mainstream porn. Think the big car explosion scenes in older movies where they actually filmed explosions. It was expensive to create these scenes, hence "the money shot."

It's really a misnomer in porn Thinking back to my teenage years, if it was really expensive and had value, I should have been a millionaire by 20!
So, you decide to begin what was an informative explanation of the topic at hand with a shot at me??
Simply because I am aware of a term? And said term I've nearly always have only heard in reference to the porn industry?
What makes you so angry? It's time to take an accounting of your personality and make some changes.
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