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The title is misleading we all thought we were going to hear about the money shot. I’m going to make this right. About a month ago I picked up three college babes from a frat house and they were pretty drunk. It’s only a five minute drive to their sorority and one of them starts up with the hiccups. We all know what happens when drunk people get the hiccups it’s about to become a messy situation.

I’m trying to distract her a little bit and even give her some tips on how to get rid of the hiccups hoping we can just make it to the destination without any vomit. We are only two minutes away now but she grabs her T-shirt and starts pulling it up like she’s about to try to catch some thing from her mouth. She’s holding the shirt so tight and it’s just a thin flimsy cotton shirt.

She grips the shirt just a little tooooooo tight and I can honestly say it didn’t tear or rip it just sort of exploded. I haven’t seen anything like that since way back when Hulk Hogan was about to beat up somebody. I didn’t actually see it explode I did hear it and then I heard immediate panic set in from the backseat. She screams don’t turn around!

Well when somebody tells me that my immediate thought is they must’ve gotten sick in the car and they don’t want me to see it so of course I turn around. Now you wanna talk about money shots. The shirt is exploded and as luck would have it she’s not wearing a bra. I got the Minnesota twins in my backseat!

I turn my eyes forward at this point never to look back again because I’m a gentleman however the girl is completely shut down by the humiliation and her friends are laughing so hard now I have to worry about them throwing up. One of them somehow squeezes out a few words in between the mad cackling and she says you always do this, we can’t take you anywhere.

And the best part of the story is she scared away her own hiccups when she exploded her shirt so there was no vomit to clean up! Worst part of the story is I bought a dash cam weeks before this and was too lazy to install it at the time so I missed it. Could’ve made her famous!
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