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Picked up a couple from out of town, their destination was a restaurant that offered an okay sunset view. They started telling me that they just want to have a great sunset view with minimal distractions and asked me if I knew any place. I said sure, however it is not a restaurant it is a quite out of the way park.

The wife: Can you take us there? Sure it will be close time wise for the sunset.
The husband: I'll make it worth your time if it is a nice view, especially if you wait for us and then take us to the restaurant afterwards.
Me: No problem.

It has been slow as heck in my area so I figured I don't have much to lose. Got there just in time to walk down to the water for sunset. I left them off to themselves about 30 yards away and around some rocks and took some sunset photo while I was there.

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We were there 15 minutes and got some great sunset pictures. A nice view with the sailboat going through the sunset. As we walked back to my car he handed me a $100 bill and thanked me.

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Yup, we all get lucky, now and then!
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