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I love reading y'all's stories of how obnoxious/entitled people can be so here's one of mine.

--5:20 a.m. Ping 5 minutes away in wealthy neighborhood. (Somehow my cheap apartment is next to an affluent neighborhood)
--(side note, rich people hate street lights)
--Pull up between two houses cause I can't see house numbers at 5:20 a.m.
-- lady comes up to car "can you pull in this driveway?". Yes, no problem.
--Lady to husband "How come whenever we order an uber, we get the smallest cars?". Me: "well feel free to cancel and order an XL". Lady: "No, we don't have time". (OF COURSE I'm thinking "but I do" and should tap cancel)
-- Lady opens passenger side door and says "Here, hold this" (this would be princess lady's coffee) and places coffee in my hand and two large totes on the floor
-- Lady to hubby: "I guess we'll have to put the luggage on the front seat". Me: "Orrrr we could put them in the trunk" (I have a hatchback, tall but not wide. Like a Kia Soul-type). Lady: "I didn't think this thing had a trunk". Me: "Yep, it's actually the first car ever made without a trunk!" (listen, it's early and I'm not fully awake and my mouth has little patience at this time)
-- Lady puts bag in. Assumes she can't possibly fit another and tells hubby to put the second bag on the front seat. Me: "Orrr we can just put the bag on its side and....look at that, they both fit"
--- We drive off. Husband is so annoyed with her based on the conversation. Get to airport and I help HIM with his bags. He is very thankful for the ride and slips me $3. Wife later choked on her latte and died (lol jk)

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My Number One Rule:
1. If rider calls, text or gets in car complaining about anything, just cancel and uber on,

I will never understand why you drivers service people that greet you with a complaint.

calling, texting or requesting the following (this is only a few) = cancel:
calls, text or gets in car complaining about anything,

where are you,
can i pay cash,
my friends a little drunk,
can you seat 5 or more,
what is your eta,
the app said 5 minutes, 6 minutes a go,
pick-up a sealed letter or package,
go buy beer and bring to my house or apt (this is totally illegal)
why are you waiting at that address (had this one 2 weeks a go)

My fav:
client tells me to turn car around before they get in car = i turn around keep driving and cancel,
client is to cheap to pay for the time and few hundred foot to turn the car around,
many of you have had this one, but you still let cheap ass MF get in YOUR car..

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Question: Can you smell Vape Cigarettes? Do they have any odor at all?
GF smokes them sometimes. I can not smell anything. I let her smoke anything in the former cab or the DeSoto. In the new cab or the UberXmobile it is e-cigarets only. I never smell anything. No customer has ever complained.
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