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The Incentive to Drive is gone

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Well it looks like the incentive to drive is gone. Hopefully, it will surge this weekend because I don't think I can drive for base.
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That's the best time, I finally washed mine last night... it's dirty again. Also my rating isn't rising. it only falls.
Nobody on Uber rates anymore, unless they wanna rate you down....

With Lyft at least they might tip or something while they're at it....
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I've gotten 20 5☆ ratings in a row... going back to Feb 13! I've gone 3 weeks now without a weekly report because they don't send them unless you get rated 5 times or more.

And you actually heavily DRIVE uber most of the time.

I've gotten 3x 5* and 1x 4*....since JANUARY
4.75 since January. This is your best run yet!

I used be all the way up to 4.74 cumulative
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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