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Nobody on Uber rates anymore, unless they wanna rate you down....

With Lyft at least they might tip or something while they're at it....
What's up with that? I have seen it become absolete. I rarely get rated anymore. Did they update the pax app and made it harder? Geez. And yes, pax who want to rate you low still find a way to do do but not the ones who would rate you 5star. Those are the pax rating less and less nowadays. SMH

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I've gotten 20 5☆ ratings in a row... going back to Feb 13! I've gone 3 weeks now without a weekly report because they don't send them unless you get rated 5 times or more.

And you actually heavily DRIVE uber most of the time.

I've gotten 3x 5* and 1x 4*....since JANUARY
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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