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Since many questions are repeated constantly, and I end up repeating various parts of this daily I thought I'd put it in one easy to find spot.

When I rented last November they said no cars available, that I was on a list that would be a few weeks. I hung around outside continuing conversation and got one that day. Respect and persistence count.

It was initially a $50 deposit that you got back after your first ride, and 70 anytime rides a week for $180. I could literally do that on the weekend and make a grand a week take home if I did Thursday to Sunday.

Now the terms change frequently, but require you to schedule your life around the terms if you want any discount on the car. They also after 7 months demanded $250 immediately for another deposit even though I remained in good standing and the first transaction never ended. I paid it but left soon after.

I did other work for income until they requested I return the car for nonpayment. I figured I owed them even after the deposit as I owed 180 for the prior week, 150 for the current week, plus I returned it on empty and dirty (by my standard, quick vacuum and exterior wash). 7 days after returning it I got a deposit from Lyft of $49 so I guess I'm in good standing.

I now have a vehicle of my own that qualifies for pdb but I haven't put it on Lyft. Uber is treating me well, is much busier and I really don't like how Lyft arbitrarily changes everything with zero warning with a take it or leave it attitude. 2600 rides, 2 false dui deactivations, a couple brief safety deactivations for unknown reasons for 30 minutes to 2 hours. All of which with a spotless driving record and zero accidents ever, including 1.5 million miles in a truck.

With Uber I have a 5.00 rating, a handful of the silly badges, get the same tips I did on Lyft so while I eventually will put the vehicle on Lyft, I don't want to even see the pdb screen and the psychological warfare of Lyft for a while.
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