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The Forum of Self Hate.

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This is the only forum I know where the people in the business demean others for being in the business. “Ants will do the work”. What does that mean? That people who are almost as stupid as you will do the work? Seriously, I think the whole driving labor force has PTSD.
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Sounds like you have had a long day...
No I’ve just been reading the forum for an hour. Many times someone asks a simple question only to be told he’s an ant for doing the job. Meanwhile the replier is also working. It’s just that he thinks he’s a better ant than the first. Maybe he’s a fire ant. 🤣
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This is a frog and the Scorpion forum.
yep, haters gotta hate, cause that’s what they do.
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you are hating right now, you are hating the Non-Ant
good. It’s ok to hate the hater. 😊. Of course, anyone who thinks they are smart, who thinks they are smarter than those they call ants. who’s doing Uber, is kidding themselves. They are the dumb of dumb and dumber. It’s all pretty pathetic. I’m an ant. Help me. Please.
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Ants booked time (active hours) is nearly 100% of off-book time (in-active)

Ant example will do all trips, No cherry-Pick
An Ant will do a $3 to $6 trip
4 to 6 miles to pickup
4 to 6 miles to dropoff
totals miles 8 to 12
an ant will do this trip even if it takes 20+ mins

i will do a $4.80 to $6 trip if - example
fare needs to = more than miles
0.1 to 3 miles to pickup
0.1 to 3 miles to dropoff
totals miles 0.2 to 6
if it takes 10 mins or less to do (15 mins max if a slow day or hour(s) of a good day)

MY booked time (active hours) is a lot less than my off-book time (in-active)
$60 per hour active time
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fair enough. What are you doing during all those non working hours. Sitting in the car? It’s still your time, even if you’re saving the car.
No, hating the hater make you as bad as the hater.

You do as you want and if you need help with something there are good poster’s on here that will help you.

Also you have the ignore feature that allows you to ignore those you feel are hater’s and should give it a try… I do!
im joking. I don’t hate anybody.
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I'm going to let others explain it to you
if they so choose to, key points:
1. I am working two apps Uber and Lyft,
2. A few of those hours are not me in my car, some or me at home waiting for a trip from my local Shopping Center are the Metrolink which is only like two blocks down the street,
3. I am on a higher tier I can do Uber comfort and Lyft luxury,
4. I have a laptop and a big tablet which allows me to do certain things in my car that I would normally do at home,
5. I drive a 2017 Lincoln mkz, so sitting in my car is not some uncomfortable unbearable task, I have premium sound system and YouTube music and I actually do many times enjoy being in a car and being alone.
I’m actually an experienced driver. It was almost a rhetorical question. I know most of the ways to make a modest living in the business, which is the best that can be done.
I worked for a Limo service a few years back. Theoretically i should have been able to make more money than Uber. It was all upscale and corporate jobs. But the dispatchers doled out the jobs in very disadvantageous ways to most drivers. We'd only get two or three trips a day. We'd wait around for long stretches otherwise. And they would treat us like dogs. The dispatchers were the petty kings to mete out the work to the lowly drivers. And we'd have to show up at a regular time, an hour drive away, in a bad area, just like a regular job, unpaid. As bad as rideshare is, at least we avoid the personal control and yes, bad working conditions of limo/cab businesses.
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Let's see some screenshots of you completing this without it being part of some weekly Quest or something like that.
does anybody care if nobody in this dumb forum believes them or not?
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