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The Alert recommendation is very helpful. Thanks

California results will effect the entire Uber Platform nationwide. I hope the case moves along quickly.

Not exactly sure where I stand on the employee vs contractor issue as an operator. I truly hope things work out for us operators, however we must remember that Uber plans to go driverless. I fail to see how that will be profitable for them, however I failed to be the brains behind the amazing platform.... :).

Operators are suffering in most places, and here in the Atlanta Market, one is required to work ridiculous hours to break even on get crumbs. It's a shame because the riders love it, and I love it. However, I can not be an unprofitable operator!!!

Somethings got to give! I feel for those operators that are in the financing program....if Uber feeding the trips??? I wonder???

That would be a LAWSUIT.....Right???
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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