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ive been driving for 9 mts now
so heres the facts
i drive a small car new and work 4-5 hours nights 4 days a week
1 the guarantee fares they promise never come to anything as they always find a way out of them by not getting a trip in on time or having more than half the guarantee money in half an hour to not accepting enough riders even if they are unable to get at because of traffic or going the wrong way on a freeway.. so dont count on the guarantee. it doesnt happen
2 airport queuing doesnt work. don't wait you will be there forever.. there's no queuing system the fares seem to go to the regulars... don't wait. it doesn't work 45 mins fri night 6pm on #fathersday weekend nothing.
3 rating system is not open or fair. you have no way of knowing what your riders rated or what they said its uber's way of culling trouble makers or low fare providers..
4 mints/water does not mean a thing. ive never had it coz car has nowhere for it but i do have sick bags and wet wipes for the ones who want to be sick.
5 surge is another thing that you very rarely get .. in 1000 i got 21 so dont chase it. you dont get it. even when you know you got the area and the surge it doesn't appear on the wage sheets.
6 when the app goes to arrived i toot the hooter once and start to call them on their mobile as often the uber thing doesn't call them or text either and if its an overseas number you need to know. when ive spoken to them i start journey as from that time i'm waiting and they're paying..
7 tolls you have no idea if they're included in the fare or not and even if you are getting them so stay away from toll roads as you will probably pay the toll out of your pocket.
8 responses from a myriad of uber staff at nudgee presumably rarely an answer and often the answer indicated they have no idea of what your on about.. a waste of time mostly.
9 itll be in next week's pay. it rarely appears and like most queries isn't relevant to uber so they ignore it
10 10% fare drop thru the winter no warning and they didn't drop their fees so it was a net loss of 10% to the drivers
11 we need more drivers... have a laugh about the conditions of that and don't expect the bonus... and if you drive for long you will realise the last thing they need is more drivers they absolutely DO NOT look after the ones they have
12 apparently they have parties for top customers and some chosen staff and that's it chosen staff you won't get invited but your riders will tell you about the drivers who were there..
13 now the phone app. i pay 10 to use their phone and data but the phones are clapped out crash all the time esp in the summer the app is too hot and the phones just stop working i have mine over an aircon outlet and its mostly ok but it doesn't recognise the river in brisbane or the toll tunnels despite them says it does and they use rides the other side of the river read 8 ks to get to it as a reason to deny paying bonuses or guarantees. the maps have not been updated for ages which means often you up a creek with nowhere to go and a rider hanging round somewhere... and it crashes when you press the accept button so you have no idea of what's happening.
14 i've been in a queue for coffee with 3 other uber drivers who on 3 occasions all got jobs and i went empty to my car. seem they have preferences although they deny it the evidence is there.
15 we used to have free coffee in new farm but without warning they stopped that. t omuch work for the uber wankers i suspect but was a nice relief to get coffee and perhaps meet some other drivers.

the fact is that i earn about 30 per hour driving before 10pm for 4 hours. out of that uber takes 20% . which takes it down to 24.50 it costs about another 20 % to run the car which takes it down to 18 50 and then lets talk about fines which seem to come with the territory of doing considerable mileage in brisbane where the whole city is set up to raise revenue from 40 k zones in the city to miles and miles of no right turns and no parking zones and yellow lines not to mention the trafic nazies who are ruthless so ll in all i probably earn about 15 per hour nett not taking in to account the extra depreciation on my car... so all in all if you're driving a 6 cylinder car/suv with appropriate tyres and reg expect to earn less that 15 per hour net before 10pm
i use the supermarket shopping vouchders for petrol and macdonals vouchers for food and to use the toilet there
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