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The Celtics! In my SUV!...

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So, I'm having a great afternoon/evening. Get an X out of town, then get an XL back to town!!!

As you may know, Our Milwaukee Bucs are home again tomorrow night for Game 5 of the series. Bucs lead the Celtics 3-1, and they could clinch it tomorrow night here at home. F the strike- I'd driving! Sorry brothers and sisters.

And just after that, I get a ping a block away. As I pull up, it lets me know its an XL again, Cool I'm thinking.
Then I see 5 guys. Tall guys, sorta slender, fit, and not too young or old.

They get in, and one of them with what sounds like a Romanian accent was talking about someone in the Japanese Steak House I picked them up at was asking him about the game.
Bingo!- I looked at them amazed, and I said, 'and you are the' .......... and one of them finishes- 'The Celtics!' I kid you not.

I asked for a pic in the SUV with them, and the front seat said something like 'sorry, we don't really do pictures' - At first I thought 'what a jerk', but later realized that they all have managers, team rules, etc. Things like this could get on social media, etc.
Sorry- I still don't have a dash cam.

For sure I remember Baynes, Brown, Dozier, and Hunter

I wished them Good Luck.

I kept to myself that I think the Bucs will win game 5 and the series- sorry Boston fans.
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That's awesome - you should've been like "Long live the Bucs!" and crashed your car hurting them haha. Kidding of course. Still wild you get celebs like that. I haven't and probably never will in my markets.
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