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I love beer. I mean, I really, really love beer.

I have spent many years brewing beers and even more years drinking the stuff. However, beer and transport services, in my mind are oil and water. They don't mix.

In regard to pax getting into the car with open drinks, my policy now after bitter experience, and for some time has been - no, nada, nyet, it just ain't gonna happen.

I have developed a very successful routine of defusing any aggro and thanking guys for their understanding, and in most instances I can turn things around so that not only is it in my favour, but the guys think highly of me for standing my ground.

Unfortunately, early evening Wednesday just past, wasn't so successful. I had a booking in the name of Sam, and a bust with 4 young blokes getting into the car with open beers. After a few words back and forth, I decided that it was a no-go. I got out of the car, took the key from the ignition and (trying to) use humour as a lubricant told the blokes that the five of us weren't going anywhere. I told them to book another car.

It got a bit ugly, but it was manageable.

Anyhow........this is obviously still a little fresh in my mind. I had a ping early this evening for a 'Sam' in Mile End.
Mmmmm, the hairs on the back of neck stood a little taller.
(A totally different) Sam came to the car with an open beer. He had a big grin on his face and asked if I minded him having a beer while we drove. He was solo, about 30 and seemed like a really nice bloke.
I told him that I was unable and unwilling to take any open alcohol in the car.

He was a little put out but he accepted the policy. He took the can back inside and came back out promptly. As he came back to the car I noticed he had a Pirate Life Logo on his shirt and cap.
Being a beer aficionado, the implications to me were immediately apparent. I asked Sam about the shirt logo.

This is the stuff that nightmares are made of - Sam is the brewer at Pirate Life.

So, as we are headed toward his destination - NOLA on Vardon Avenue, Sam and I discussed beers and brewing. He emphasised how disappointing it was that he didn't know how interested I was in beer, otherwise he would have brought a selection out of the house for me.

I wouldn't be at all surprised if he 1* me.
In fact, I feel like 1* myself.

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When I see beer written or said anywhere, budweiser always comes to mind, and of course miller/lite beer as well. Especially after a long days/nights work.
I'm glad I didn't meet you while I toured there. :)
Sounds like it would have been a recipe for mutual destruction :)

Edit: No. I tell a lie. I toured extensively but never got to MA.
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